Established in 1992

We are highly experienced, and know what you need!

The requirements of IT environments are completely different today than they were 30 years ago. We know, because we have been on this journey from the beginning. Thelin Data was established back in 1992 and was from the beginning, solely focused on training within IT.

Swedish quality IT

Focused on delivering high quality IT

Our consultants are highly focused on delivering high quality IT with a personalized service. Our customers are primarily based in Sweden and Europe, but also throughout the world.


Customized IT for your business

The needs within IT differ greatly in different workplaces. Because of our long experience, we know how to adapt to your organization. Our client base is broad, including businesses of all sizes and within most industries.

Broad customer base

We strive for a close relationship regardless of work area!

We have a broad customer base, active within many different industries. To name a few, we work with businesses within manufacturing, sales and health care.

We grow with you

We want to join your growth journey!

Our goal is to develop your company together with you, making sure we grow stronger together!

Cutting-edge expertise

We strive for progress!

The high demands on IT environments, require us to contiuously keep us updated within the latest news about technique and products. Since we started as a training company in 1992, we know the importance of having well-trained staff.

Certified consultants

Microsoft, Check Point, Cisco etc. We know!

To make sure we're always on top of our game and able to answer you questions and implement new solutions, we continuously certify our consultants with Microsoft, CheckPoint and Cisco.

Comprehensive partner

Consultation, sales or project management!

We are your comprehensive partner within IT. Consultation, cutting-edge knowledge, IT security, telephony and sales is just a selection of the services we offer.

Training company

Excel, Word or Office 365!

We can still offer training within, for instance, Office, Windows and the Office 365 suite.

Data analysis

Advanced data analysis with Power BI

We work with advanced data analysis to develop and offer you more effective tools for decision making.

Microsoft Partner Pledge

Thelin Data has signed Microsoft Partner Pledge Sweden.
We are, and aspire to continue being, a part of the tech community and contribute to:

          • Strengthen the digital competence in Sweden
          • Support the ethical and responsible development of AI solutions
          • Contribute to a diversified and including work environment
          • Participate in the transition to a more sustainable future in Sweden