Keep track of IT costs

Pay only for the licenses you use.

One of the great benefits of cloud services is that you can easily add, remove or change licenses with just a few clicks. Purchasing local hardware and software, with long delivery times, is not a problem nowadays.

Work effectively regardless of device

Computer, mobile or tablet.

Lacking a secure solution for accessing your company documents through your mobile device? or do you lack the possibility to invite external partners to some of your company documents? Microsoft 365 and SharePoint is the answer. You can easily access your files regardless of PC, MAC, mobile or tablet.

Be productive wherever you are

The office, at home or on the go.

The demands on mobility these days are very high, but with Microsoft 365 and its solutions you can collaborate more efficiently than ever. You can access your company’s documents, emails and services no matter where you are.

World-class security

Get control of your company data!

Multi-factor authentication, encrypted files and data transfers are some of the security features ensuring your company data is only accessed by those who have access to it. We have solutions that are easily implemented, making it easy to activate all kinds of security measures for your organization.

Collaborate more efficiently with ready-made solutions

Teams, Outlook, OneNote and much more!

Are you lacking a collaboration platform that gathers your files, notes, emails and planning? If so, Microsoft 365 and Teams is for you! Are you tired of emailing documents back and forth with consultants or partners? External document sharing in Microsoft 365 is easy, fast and efficient!

Examples of cloud services we offer

Microsoft 365

5 installations
Always the latest version

Reach your email regardless of device
50Gb mailbox per user

Web and video conference
Screen sharing

SharePoint & OneDrive
Share documents with external parties
Cloud storage of company files and personal files


Cloud server as a service or dedicated server
Known platforms such as SQL etc.

Cloud backup for long-term backup
Avoid manual handling
Backup monitoring


Self-service password reset
Multi-factor authentication
Identity protection

Behavioral analysis for advanced threat identification

Mobile and computer handling
Get control of your company’s mobile devices
Distribute software
Anti virus